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Mary Miller Kauffman and Family
Barbara Ehler Howe and Husband John
Sharen Smith McCormick and Husband Bob
Kenneth and Vicki Mitchell
1951 - Dam Store - Billy Fogleman, Dale Fogleman and R.K. Lafferty
2005 - December -Ione Clarke, Lynne Moore, Les Clarke, Dotie Naylor, Pat Lafferty, R.K. Lafferty, Dick Naylor and Larry Moore
David and Norma Smith
Luretta Salmons Dawsey and Family
2007 - May - Marsha Perry, Betty Spall and Kay Hester
Randy Carlson and Family
Shirley Olander Scott and Family
Michael and Dianne Paul
Bob and Marjie Gray
Bill and Diane Zeiler
Tom Helzer
Paul Hein and Family
John and Ingrid Seidel
Sandra Lange Jensen and Husband Gene
Jackie Laes Brown
Adren and Patsy Tuxhorn Family
Carolyn Haering Shiveley and Family
Personal Pictures - 2011
Visits Since 11 June 2011
Liane Elinoff Kneisel and Husband Perry
1960 - Kurt Fisher's school pictures 
Bettie Spall Dinsmore and Family
David and Carol Morris
Kurt and Jeannie Fisher
Joellen Hixson Henthorn
1950 - Lincoln School - Errol Rowland, Noland Larson, Billy Fogleman, Rick Peden
Rick Peden and Family
Errol Rowland and Family
Sharon Davis Veit and Husband Mike
Lincoln School - 2nd Grade Teacher
Spring Festival
Yvonne Owens Anderson and Husband Glen
Nolan Larson
Charly and Cathy Bullock Family
Linda Danielson Voss and Family
2007 - Estes Park reunion: Sally, Joellen, Connie, Yvonne, Liane, Phyllis
1981 - 20th Reunion - Group Picture.
Max and Peggy Stone Schlosser
John and Kathy Lind
Bob and Sue Hendrickson Collard
Phyllis Walker Krieger, Husband Willard and Family
Margret Ruth Austin
Kay Hester Plitt, Husband Bill and Grandchildren
1986 - 25th Reunion - Group Picture + More.
Carla Warberg Kelly and Family
Kathy Ulin Merritt
Larry and Glenell Harvey
Tom Meacham and Family
Sally Tretheway Moninger and Family
Redskin Reporter - Clips & Ads
Terry Imel
Karen Smith Collection
Karen Smith Turner and Family
Ruth Hite Case
Gary Maelzer and Family
Connie George Bernhardt
Bill Bliss Family and Friends
1956 - Darla Miller Collection
Sally Buchholtz Specht and Family
Charlotte Crenshaw McDaniel
Genny Marcon Fonseca and Family
Steve And Darla Miller Bower
Dean Mills
Diana Depperschmidt Nolde And Family
Sharen Smith Collection
Marsha Perry Roth and Family
Diana Greenwalt McCarthy and Family
Carleen Hoff Collection
Carleen Hoff Krening
Phyllis Henderson
Phyllis Henderson Collection
Luretta Salmons Collection
Mary Rea Nolde and Family
Ron and Kathy Browne
Cindy Watkins
Darla Ellis and Dale Fogleman
Tom Meacham Collection
Barbara Ehler, Carolyn Haering, Virginia Renner
Miki Harrott Roth
Tim Wright and Family
Golden Reunion Plannng Committee
Judy Burge Grommon and Family